Our Services

Data Capture
Data capture can be accomplished from any format or source material. No job is too large or too small. We excel at managing data entry jobs with significant work peaks. We have the capability to accommodate those clients who'd simply like to transmit scanned source documents directly to our CRTs for "heads up data entry", eliminating the need for paper handling.
We are able handle all types of forms, anything from warranties, surveys, response cards, applications, competition forms to completed order forms. They can be any size and in any quantity, hand written, printed, we can even read barcodes.  The latest computer and scanning technology provides extensive OCR capabilities including form capture, All data entry work is charged on a simple basis of each characters input, so costs are accurate and you only pay for the actual data input work completed.
Our Services include
Data Entry from a variety of sources in various formats
Data format conversions
Pre-Media services
E-books Publishing
Content Management
Acrobat PDF Conversion
Tachyon undertakes online data entry projects and job works of following types of data:
Online Data Entry and compilation from Web sites
Strategic Data Entry using customer defined application
Online listing of Yellow Pages 
Online website content entry 
Online Data entry of survey forms
Online Data entry of application forms
Online Data entry from images
Data Scrubbing
Data Scrubbing ensures that your data is accurate, consistent and correctly formatted. In other words, the process of data scrubbing (data cleansing) gets your data ready to go to work for you.
Inaccurate database will be wasting your mailing budget; dirty data provides a deceptively misleading map to guide your all important business decision. Your Database at TIS passes through the following process to make it finally accurate.
Standardize Your File Format
We can also help you convert data from multiple formats into one common format usable for reporting and analysis.
Your file should be in one of the standard industry database/mailing list file formats so that not only it can be easily used by your mailing house or IT department as well. Standard formatting facilitates data scrubbing processes.
Data Alignment
Data alignment picks up misplaced data, which belongs in one field, and moves it back to the correct field. When this operation has been run, all addresses are in the appropriate address fields, names in their proper places, etc. Even though you may be printing out labels that look OK, sorting, querying, coding and reporting will be inaccurate if your data isn't consistently
Data Standardization
Once you data have been aligned, we will standardize the way it's written to your file, based on industry standards or on your specific business rules. Standardized data yields faster data cleansing procedures, too.
Now it’s your choice. You decide.
Email Validation
Email verification services providing you with email validation that will verify email address for your entire email list.
1. Email verification.
2. Email Validation.
Valid Email Addresses save You Time and Money.